Do you experience, any or all of the following?

  • Ongoing pain in your back, shoulders knees while sitting at your desk?
  • Physical pain that consumes your thoughts limits your movement and drains your energy?
  • Are you exhausted from facing your pain over and over again, day in and day out?
  • Do you feel as if everything is just getting harder and harder, wondering what it’s going to be like in a few years? 
  • If this is what it’s like now, will you have the ability to live life the way you want to, or do the things that you enjoy day to day? 

Physical pain, stress and the lack of time are the leading causes of illness, claiming many Australians, well before their time.

Imagine getting your life back. Having freedom from the burden of pain by gently opening up to new ways of overcoming your pain.

You have two choices now:

Choose to enroll in the most enriching, positive 28 day Yoga Transformation challenge, that will see you eradicate your pain and giving you your life back QUICKLY.

Or, you can stay where you are now, struggling with a daily life of pain held within your body, unable to do the activities you once could because your body cant allow it. Ignoring your dreams & passions while you struggle with stress and physical pain. If you do then you will be living with the horror of a life half lived.

Why choose to be another person who lives with constant pain in their body & mind; When you know YOU can do something ABOUT IT!

Join Exhale Yoga’s, Getting your Life Back, an ALL-NEW, extraordinary, 28 day Challenge to transform your health and give you your life back.

You will be guided by Exhale Yoga’s Studio and Wellness Director, Rosie, through a powerful, step-by-step process so that you become liberated from your pain and begin to experience the peace, joy, and presence of physical freedom.  Rosie will share with you simple yet remarkably transformative tools and techniques including yoga, mindfulness for pain, breath-work and more.

At the 28-day Getting your Life Back Challenge, you will receive:

  • Weekly face-to-face Getting Your Life Back Workshops specifically designed for pain relief, where you will learn pain reduction techniques while recharging your mind and body
  • In these sessions Rosie will educate, guide and empower you to learn the techniques and establish your daily routine.  You will be inspired and coached to find the means to eliminate your pain. 
  • These sessions will also help you to review your current condition, and acknowledge your weekly progress, while being coached to refocus, and recharge your mind & body.

This will be made easy by:

  • Having your own logbook to track your performance and keep you on the right path.
  • Receiving weekly workout plans to practice daily and help you awaken and recharge you physical energy

Also included is youR:

  • Invitation to Exhale Yoga’s Mindfulness workshop to learn techniques that will help you find calmness when pain overwhelms you.

Included in the mindfulness session are:

  • Pain reduction techniques, to help you rise above the pain in any given moment to remove tension and recharge your body and mind.

As a bonus to make sure you stay on track:

  • Home Study Program Every Monday through Friday, during the challenge, you are going to receive a pain reduction exercise/technique to apply. These are delivered directly to your inbox; video instruction on how to practice the exercises. A minimum of just 5 minutes per day spent on our targeted exercises specifically designed to free you from pain is all you need. Just a small commitment for such wonderful relief.


  • 28 Day Challenge pain reduction meal plans.  A holistic approach to re-fuel your body, and to ensure you have a healthy balance on the inside to increase your pain reduction

And you ARE going to get 100% access to extra

  • Restorative and Gentle yoga classes. This means you will get fast tracked pain relief @ Exhale Yoga for 28 days That is more than 40 yoga classes!

Plus to make sure you keep your mind on track, while we repair the body;

  • You will receive a Recovery, Repair Mindfulness CD to listen to daily to help you to release tightness and tension.

This whole package is valued at $537.

Exhale Yoga is bringing this program to you for just $97.00.  A small investment for a significant change to getting your life back!

Spaces are limited so book this now.

By attending this program, you will gain the energy to do the things you love and enjoy.  What if you could be more active with friends and family, going for daily walks, travelling, or just alleviating pain from everyday life?

Or, you can choose to stay where you are, struggling with the daily life of pain held within your body….

Unable to do activities that you once could because your body does not allow it.  Ignoring your dreams and your passions while you struggle with stress and physical pain. You will be living with the horror of half a life lived.

Every day you choose not to seize control of your well-being and health is another day that you're losing to living a painful life.

Remember, you can do something about your health if you take steps to access this incredible wellness program.

Don't choose to be another person who lives with constant pain in their body and mind; decide to join the 28-day CHALLENGE to transform your health and get your life back.

Remember, you can do something about your health if you take steps to act now.

Register now to change your way of living.


Rosie is a leading next generation Yoga teacher; and experienced in a range of classes from general to advanced, pregnancy, and restorative.  She is frequently requested to teach world-class athletes for high performance and management of pain.

From humble beginnings growing up on a farm in South Australia, she took on the responsibility to care for her mother and father at a young age. This was the beginning of her inner calling. 

Rosie is inspired by her constant desire to see others reach their potential, Rosie is known for her ability to encourage and deliver key messages that are practical and achievable to getting great health outcomes while easing your suffering and awakening you.

Rosie’s meticulous unique style incorporates 21st century neuroscience, physiology & anatomy in her teaching. She brings awareness so that you can make connections of the physiological effects of your practice.  You will gain an understanding of the functions of the body, mind & emotions and with this extraordinary experience you will learn how to attain a positive well-being.

Rosie’s compassionate and encouraging heart influences and encourages students to feel their way into the stretches, inviting a sense of formlessness within the forms. Rosie will guide you so that you can maximise the grace and mental ease to release your pain. This will help you take back control of your life and feel relief.

Rosie is consistently changing the future of many Australians by showing you simple plain relief techniques;

Rosie will change your future.