For thousands of years people practicing yoga have claimed of the benefits they feel. They feel relaxed, calm and even blissful during their practice. 

This is an exciting time for yoga research, as more studies emerge they continually shed light on how effective yoga is for our physical and mental well-being.   

Yoga has many benefits for your mind and body, and to name a just few it:

  • improves health, fitness and flexibility
  • raises energy levels
  • decreases stress levels
  • leads to an overall sense of well-being, calm and clarity.

At Exhale our teachers are committed to supporting you in learning this wonderful skill with life-changing potential when practiced regularly. We encourage you to strive for continual improvement in your technique and finally integrate the yoga teachings into your everyday life. This easy-to-learn skill takes just 5 lessons to get you started, and can lead to life changing results.

At Exhale we offer a number of classes that will help you achieve your desired level of physical and mental fitness and flexibility. Our teachers have technical expertise and deliver quality teaching to help you succeed and, most importantly, provide you with confidence to achieve your well-being goals.

Exhale Yoga’s Beginner’s Course is renowned in Adelaide. The teachers inspire and enable everyone attending to flourish and gain confidence in their ability to gain a sense of fulfilment
— L Raspa (student)

At Exhale and as teaching individuals we:

  • value trust and personal responsibility
  • act with integrity, honesty and respect
  • maintain professionalism and strive for continued customer satisfaction
  • strive to create an encouraging and safe environment for all.