Barefoot Yoga: Why is it done?


"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair " - Khalil Gibran

It is no hidden secret that yoga is done barefoot. However, it has really never been questioned as to why it is done this way. It has been noted that most activities are done with shoes on. Yoga isn’t.

Most yoga studios will recommend that shoes be removed before a practice session starts.

In this article, we will be talking about as to why yoga practitioners practise without shoes.

From the Mouth of a Yoga Studio

As a yoga studio, those of us here at Exhale Yoga studio believe it is disrespectful if shoes are worn in the studio. Wearing shoes in the studio brings mud and dirt into the studio, so we recommend that you take your shoes off before you enter the yoga space.

Socks or totally Barefoot?

Having bare feet during a yoga session means stability when it means to balance exercises and contact with the floor. Also, working with bare feet allows for all the muscles in the feet to strengthen and stretch. Practising barefoot yoga will help your foot arches if they are prone to pain.

Going barefoot helps you achieve the pose the right way.  Your feet are the foundation of all standing postures and it makes it easier to balance when your feet touch the surface.

There is also no rule against wearing socks while doing yoga.

Wearing socks is seen as clunky but wearing socks that are flexible folded or have sole grips are seen as acceptable especially if you have injuries to your feet. Also, in some scenarios, shoes are accepted since as participating in hiking yoga.

Wearing socks while practising yoga is best left up to the practitioner but it is best if you go without socks as well.

Hate Your Feet? Who Doesn’t? Just accept them

Not everyone likes the appearance of their feet but doing yoga barefooted is ideal for building confidence showing your unique feet off to the world. In fact, just consider yoga as a holiday for your feet.

Remember one little thing: Yoga is a practice where you will learn that accepting yourself for who you are and that is essential. It will also teach you that everyone has something different about them and our feet all come in all different shapes and sizes and no one’s feet are perfect.

Alternatives to going Barefoot during Yoga

Still don’t feel comfortable doing yoga barefoot? That is not a problem. If you feel that socks are not enough, try wearing shoes for some yoga components or special socks.

If you feel that socks are the right for you, after all, it is recommended that you wear nonslip socks if this is the route you have chosen. Most yoga companies have their won brand on non-slip socks for exactly this purpose.

There are different types of non-slip socks that mimic the feeling of bare feet.

Wearing shoes are recommended but not mandatory for some aerobic classes but are not required for nearly all yoga components.


There are many people that believe going barefoot are a good way to exercise and they were right. Going barefoot is the best thing to do when it comes doing yoga. It allows for strength to grow in the feet and it assists in eliminating pain the arches of the feet.

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