7 ways Kids will Benefit from doing Yoga...


There are a lot of benefits when it comes to Yoga. We all know that there are classes for adults. Did you know that Exhale Yoga is now offering yoga classes for the kids?

Before enrolling your kids in our new yoga class, we recommend that you read this article first. Now, you might be wondering why. Well, like with Yoga for adults, there are benefits for kids doing yoga as well.

We have chosen seven benefits that might assist your child in going into yoga.

Assisting in finding one’s true self

It is difficult being a child. Believe it or not, kids of today are often pressured to be better than the generation before them. They also grow up fast. It is greatly encouraged that kids be themselves while doing yoga. This way, they are not in a place where they are judged. This helps them to find their true selves.

Stabilising Ease and Strength

There is no denying that doing yoga is a relaxing pastime. It enables kids to find stability with ease and strength within in themselves. During yoga, kids are also asked during these sessions to find their softness.

Flexibility and Becoming Strong

It is a common belief that kids grow up way too quickly. Doing yoga will help prevent injuries that might occur later in the child’s life. It is also a helpful way to put pressure on a child’s bones and joint in a beneficial way.

Letting Go and becoming aware of the Body

Life has always been about rules. Doing yoga changes all that by allowing kids to get to know themselves in mental and physical ways.

Let it go. Let it go, can’t hold it back anymore’. Yoga will help your child to release a sense of relief.

By embracing yoga, kids will find themselves relaxing and enjoying the mediation.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Boosting

Doing yoga allows for kids to have confidence in themselves. This allows kids to boost their confidence. Yoga will also help boost a child’s sense of wonder and help develop their sense of self.

Yoga can also help kids that have self-esteem issues. Another point is that yoga assists in resolving them every time they master a single yoga pose. Other than confidence, doing yoga will also help ward off sickness and instability. It is proven to help them practice mindfulness, compassion, focus, generosity, flexibility and strength.

The Connection to the Mind and Body

Keeping a sound mind is a crucial, especially when you’re a kid. Having a sound mind is necessary to keep the mental spiritual calm. A connection between the body and the mind can be gained by exercising and generating inner peace.

What is great about yoga is that it is beneficial for kids with autism and ADHD. This helps to minimise the pressures of personal, parental and social issues.


Yoga can be done by kids of all ages and there are many other benefits out there. Those of us here at Exhale Yoga would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to consider to read our blog posts.

We look forward to seeing the kids come through our door. We also look forward to any feedback that you might have on our blog posts or any of the classes that we have to offer. Please leave a comment here on our website or one of our associated social media profiles.