Healing Stuck Emotions

"The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart." - Dhammapada

We have all had “off days”. Everyone has had unresourceful feelings floating around inside our mind and body. These emotions can be uncomfortable and unsettling at times. Sometimes these emotions get stuck within or often get denied and pushed to the side.

Feeling our stuck emotions and whatever energy they might hold, are often the best, let alone the fastest way of healing ourselves. Those feelings of discomfort can often eat away at us, limit us, deplete our energy, and spoil our lives. Sometimes we just feel stuck and confused.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by these stuck emotions, it might be wise to seek professional help. By meeting a professional, can be an option to have all your feelings out on the table and you will feel improved.  However, it can be… difficult. The healing process can be equally as painful and it can be slow.

There are alternatives that people don’t consider when they are looking for support or treatment.

•          Yoga

•          Mindfulness and

•          Meditation

Yoga offers a broad range of simple body-mind techniques that can positively affect our emotional well-being, including the dynamic interplay of movements, breathing exercises, meditations, routines and healing sounds. At Exhale Yoga we present these techniques in a way that you can use daily in your life.  

Yoga can assist you by helping you to shift and move your body, uplifting your emotions within.  Continuing your yoga practice you will be aware the energy of calmness and peacefulness you create within your mind and body.  This energy is incredibly powerful as it helps you to heal your body physically, emotionally and mentally.  Giving you a feeling of freedom and inner space.

Have you ever thought how your body is a marvellous machine? The brain functions the way a computer storage device and a memory core would. It holds memories that are easily erased or altered.

As you continue your Yoga practice you will begin to understand your patterns of your behaviour and habits that are resourceful and provide you with energy of vitality.  This insight will also help you unravel your thinking pattern that you do habitually that are not useful.  When we identify our unresourceful thinking patterns we can do something about them.  The first step is awareness.  Yoga helps us to start bringing awareness to our body, thoughts feelings and breath.

Fearful thinking can paralyse us and bring up strong emotion that will often cloud our minds with judgement.  This is challenging but we can transform them through our thinking.

This maybe sounds so easy and it is when you come from a place of peace.  When you know what peace feels like within your mind and body you can deal with complexity in a realistic, tolerant and constructive way. 

We make a choice to brush our teeth daily.  Have you made a choice of bringing peacefulness to your mind and body?  Often we don’t realise that we can turn these negative feelings into joyful thoughts. Feeling joyful is one of the best emotions in the world. Experiencing joyfulness is enough reason to make a change.

Releasing your feelings might not always be simple but seeing it as a journey, beginning with your first step by making a decision, it is a step in the right direction.

Whatever your life story, know that our lives do not define who we are as a person.  You can have an alternative life story by being a force for excellence. Change your life by changing your thinking.

For even more details on simple body-mind techniques of Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation come along to Exhale Yoga for a class.  It will change your life.