Relieving Back Pain


Lower back pain is a common complaint felt by all people in their lives at some point. Back pain is annoying and it can affect everyone, regardless of age.

Then comes the question: how do you rid yourself of back pain? Okay, pain can disappear, though not completely. It can come back. That is why you can find ways of relieving the pain. How? Through practising yoga regularly.

Various studies have proven that yoga helps stretch and flex to eliminate the muscle pain in your back.  Yoga will also improve a person’s mobility, and that improves their quality of life and maybe even getting their life back. 

Back pain can be very debilitating, and studies imply that 40% of painkillers were not effective when it came to getting rid of back pain.

Moreover, doing yoga regularly will help treat back pain by strengthening the muscles along the spine.

Before you start exercising or rather, doing something new, check with your GP. There are several yoga poses that will assist soothing one’s back pain. Over time, you can increase the intensity of the exercise if you choose. By doing so, you will be able to exercise for extended periods of time.

·           10-Minute Sequence - When you start doing yoga for your lower back pain, begin with lower back stretches. Ensure that you don’t leave your place on the floor when you exercise.

·           20-Minute Sequence - Once you begin to feel comfortable with your exercise regime, you can extend this by 10 minutes with intense exercises that will further stretch your muscles. In addition, it will stretch your spine.

·           30-Minute Sequence - Once 20 minutes become too simple, try to encourage yourself into doing a 30-minute sequence. Begin with simple stretches before you begin pushing yourself into doing intense workouts that ease your back pain.

Be mindful on your postures and ensure you have the correct technique. This is where Exhale Yoga focuses on demonstrating and supporting your posture and yoga technique.  Poor technique could become potentially harmful if done incorrectly.

Yoga poses specifically for the back are perfect for strengthening the back muscles when they're done gently. The practice of yoga can also help the abdominal muscles strengthen. These muscles and those of the back are often the problem areas that help and heal. With regular yoga practice, you will notice that your spine will have more flexibility and with will give you more body mobility and improve your posture. The importance is regular yoga practice because this will condition and strengthen the muscles.

For anyone that has lower back pain, stretching is key to recovery. Yoga will help increase your blood flow helping toxins to leave your body and to assist the absorption of nutrients into your body. Yoga can be viewed as a treatment for back pain because nourishment is provided to the soft tissue in the lower back, which helps to prevent pain.

Breathing is essential when you practice yoga, and as you move the stages of yoga, you will gain awareness of your own body and learn where the limitations are in your body. By increasing your awareness of how much pain your body can endure, it will also teach you what yoga techniques you can do to ease your pain.

Yoga is a wonderful resource to solving your back pain and leaving painkillers as a last resort.