Relieving Pain Without Medication: How Yoga Will Relieve Physical Pain


We’ve all had it. Pain. Yes, I am talking about the commodity most of us fear. While you could administer the pain will always return. There are people out there that are not comfortable with the idea of taking medication. They will search for alternative ways to help deal with their pain.

Fortunately, there is a solution and it just so happens to be Yoga. Yes. You read correctly. Yoga can help with relieving physical pain.

Yoga has existed for thousands of years. It has helped relieve many problems of the body. So, how can it help the physical pain?

According to a study by Harvard Health Publications, yoga can help relieve chronic pain. In this study, people suffering from chronic pain may also develop arthritis, migraine or fibromyalgia.

Doing yoga on a weekly basis assists in building mobility, and even better than what ordinary medical care can. Yoga is the best way to relieve physical pain.

A standard yoga session lasts for 60 minutes or even 90 minutes if you prefer. If you practice yoga for at least 20 minutes a couple of times a week, it will minimise your pain.

Yoga is both relaxing for the mind and body, and a single session you will learn how important breathing is to fuel your body.  Breathe allows your body to adjust into the pose and release the tightness.

There are other forms of physical pain like musculoskeletal pain and neck pain. Non-conventional medicine such as acupuncture and massage therapy can help in relieving the pain.  Conducted by the CDC in America, however, Yoga is shown as the best way to minimise pain.

The study had the participants divide themselves into different groups.  One group did yoga classes weekly over the course of 12 weeks. The second group went through 15 PT (physical therapy) visits. The final group read given newsletters and educational books.  The participants were given the choice of home practice or participating in drop-in classes. One group got assigned the PT could do home practice or PT boost sessions.

Researchers could assess changes in the participants’ pain with a 23-question questionnaire. The groups had the same amount of time to show improvement.

70% of participants were using medication for pain at the beginning of the trial. The Yoga group who were taking pain medication dropped to 50%. There was no decline in percentage within the education study group and limited reduction for the PT group.

This study provided evidence that proves Yoga will assist with people dealing with physical pain. Other pain treatments are weaker. Relaxation is perfect for people that have fibromyalgia with the help of mindfulness.

Pain is a challenging force in our life, and it does not have to be that way.  Hopefully, this article has inspired you to know that Yoga is an ideal practice to help you ease the burden of what you might be suffering. By easing yourself into it, the pain will ease, and you will 'Get Your Life Back'.