A Note from Rosie...

Welcome to our brand new website! Exhale is all about yoga and finding your own inner peace.

The yoga studio opened its doors 30 years ago and even though there has been a number of ownership changes, it has always been passed on to very passionate yoga teachers who practice their craft. The studio has a beautiful energy and that is why so many people love coming every week. It is a place where strength meets serenity.

I am now the proud owner of Exhale and I am passionately committed to bringing successful outcomes for you as a student. I started practicing yoga 30 years ago with much encouragement from my mother. My mum practiced yoga daily. It was also her way to improve her well-being after suffering from a stroke in her 40's. She practiced yoga daily for 40 years and had amazing flexibility and peace within. My mum passed down her yoga philosophy to me.

It was a serendipity moment when my mum passed away I was offered exclusively the opportunity to purchase Exhale Yoga. This happened within weeks of her passing. I saw this as a gift in many ways.  Exhale gives me the opportunity to inspire and share the secrets of Yoga with you, while holding a beautiful connection in my heart with my mum :-).  

When I talk about bringing successful outcomes for you, those outcomes can vary from person to person. They may include improved flexibility, stillness of the mind, improved esteem, enhanced awareness physically, mentally, emotionally and more. Yoga offers not only physical flexibility, it offers psychological flexibility too.

From the moment you walk into our studio you will notice the inviting energy that makes you feel safe, welcome and at home.

Exhale Yoga draws on extensive experience from all our teachers to help you to achieve your own personal outcomes. We are so proud to have a wonderful team at Exhale which boast to be Adelaide's leading yoga teachers. They are skilled in their practice and have a deep love for personal transformation. As a team, we connect to Exhale's values of care, inspiration, integrity, support and skill. If you would like to learn more about the background of Exhale and our team then click on 'teachers' in the menu.

Our philosophy at Exhale is to be dedicated to improving the lives of those we are around. Exhale Yoga stresses a balance between strength, flexibility, guiding and encouraging, and we inspire you to build endurance and develop self-awareness. 

There are classes for everyone regardless if you are recovering from an injury, or are an athlete who is seeking to increase their power and speed. Yoga offers so much development physically, mentally and emotionally.

Each class at Exhale offers you the opportunity to leave stress and worry at the door, while giving you the chance to restore and refresh mentally, physically and emotionally. Regardless of an individual's level of experience, there's a class for you - from our Beginner's Course to get you started, to our General Flow to get your moving. I say just begin to then notice the change!

If you have not been to our uplifting studio where strength meets serenity, then we welcome you to Exhale studio. I hope to see you soon.