At Exhale Yoga we aim to be Adelaide's well-being destination, constantly evolving to bring awareness, influence and inspiration to the community about your health. We want to encourage everyone to be conscious of their well-being for both mind and body, while providing the resources needed to be the change they wish to see.

Exhale Yoga is active in creating a more peaceful, sustainable and happier world through individuals.  We teach you to choose to be present and have the belief in healing and transforming yourself.

Exhale Yoga offers a wide range of Hatha and Vinyasa style classes to suit a wide range of people and levels. Whether you are new to yoga, an experienced yogi, young or old we have a class for you. We also have Yoga for Motherhood.


Flow yoga is a breath-synchronised class that uses alignment and combined Asana sequences to create a smooth flowing and energetic practice. Beginning with a gentle warm up this class gradually builds to a steady, moderate paced flow. Flow yoga builds strength, stamina and flexibility, and is perfect for students with some yoga experience that like a class with more continuous movement to build up your cardiovascular fitness.

General Classes

This class is designed for students who want to extend their yoga understanding and practice. Classes are structured to demonstrate a wide range of poses from beginners, intermediate to advanced. Practice stretching to awaken the body and build flexibility, flow sequences and standing poses to build strength, and restorative poses to clear the mind and relax the body. This class will give students a well-rounded practice that leaves you feeling revitalised and calm. 

Gentle Classes

This class is designed for students requiring a more gentle practice, or those wanting to ease themselves back into yoga. The focus of this class is on posture alignment, relaxation, breathing and standing poses. Gentle yoga is great for building strength flexibility and confidence at a slower pace. 


(For individuals or small groups)

  • Do you prefer individual tuition?

  • Do you have time constraints?

  • Would like to work on specialised areas of your practice?

  • Do you have your own individual requirements?

If you answered yes, a One on One session will suit you. Our One on One classes are tailor-made to suit and fit your availability and abilities. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

PostNATAL - yoga for mums and bubs

This is a supportive class for new mums.  It's an open class suitable for all from 6 weeks (minimum 6 weeks post delivery depending on recovery and physical ability post birth) to 6 months approximately. How this class works, Mums come and do some yoga while your baby plays nearby.  Maybe your baby lies on a mat next to you, maybe they crawl or wonder around the safe studio space, exploring the space. Your baby may need a feed or change or just some attention, not a problem, hop off your mat when you need to.  It is recommended that mothers are cleared by their GP before attending the class. Call for more details. 


A supportive class for pregnancy, to increase body awareness and strength, reduce stress and tension. It also provides an opportunity to relieve common pregnancy ailments, and to enjoy the journey of pregnancy with other new Mums-to-be. We encourage you to advise your Doctor/Health Practitioner that you are planning to start prenatal yoga classes. If you have not regularly practiced yoga before you became pregnant, it is advised to begin classes in your second trimester.
Saturdays at Exhale Yoga at 8.30am and you can book online for our special deal. Click here for more your booking


This class is designed for people who wish a more gentle yoga practice. In this type of class you will be practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. When you centre your breath and body it will help you to align your body physically and mentally. You will learn to relax and let go of the tensions of modern life. Whether young or old, Restorative yoga has incredible benefits in helping the body recover from illness, stress, fatigue and just learning to relax.


YOGA NIDRA is for people who need a bit more Savasana in their lives. We re-charge our phone, re-boot the computer and service our car – but how often do we take time to replenish mind and body? YOGA NIDRA is an ideal way to reward yourself after a long working week. You will be rewarded by feeling relaxed and at peace. It heals the soul :-). First Sunday of each month.


Core yoga takes you back to the important basics - targeting core muscle groups. This class highlights key complementary principles from Pilates and integrates them with yoga. Core yoga will focus on your breathing and technique, and how to understand, identify and work your core with yogi mindfulness.