Fall in love with life by achieving a happier, healthier you

Exhale’s Yoga Fundamentals – 4 face to face lessons for just $99 PLUS 4 EXHALE BONUSES valued at $394

Do you suffer from daily pain and discomfort?

You have low energy levels and little drive or motivation?

At night, you’re woken by pain and cramps, it feels like eternity since you had a decent night’s sleep?

Exhale Yoga is your local yoga studio. Our Yoga Fundamentals course will help you achieve a younger, fitter, healthier and pain-free you.

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Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced yogi who wants to fine tune your technique, our experienced, qualified practitioners will teach you the correct poses and movements to achieve the best results.

Receive one-on-one attention and guidance in a controlled, nurturing environment. In the comfort of our studio, you’ll:

Become more aware of your body and how it moves

Learn the correct way to stretch without hurting yourself

Build your balance and core strength

Improve your fitness and cardio health

Reduce your risk to injury

Awaken your mind, body and spirit for greater focus and positivity

What is Yoga Fundamentals?

Yoga Fundamentals is a short course of 4 yoga lessons helping you maximise the benefits of this ancient, life-changing practice.

We’re experience, qualified practitioners who embrace yoga in our every day lives. We don’t just practice yoga – we live it. As well as being qualified yoga practitioners, we combine a wealth of skills including psychology, the practice of Mindfulness and training athletes at Olympic level.

If you’re a beginner, Yoga Fundamentals is the perfect introduction to yoga making sure you adopt the correct postures and techniques. If you’re returning to yoga or an experienced yogi, we’ll fine tune your technique so you can fast-track results.

And remember just for joining the Fundamentals program for $99 you will receive the 4 BONUSES ($394 in value)

Will lack of fitness, aches or pains limit you?

The opposite. Yoga will alleviate your suffering, condition your body, eliminate imbalance and relieve discomfort. When one side of your body is stronger or more flexible than the other, an imbalance is created like a tug of war. Yoga corrects imbalance and eliminates physical limitations. Very quickly, you’ll feel stronger, healthier and more relaxed.

How will Yoga Fundamentals benefit YOU?

Imagine waking each morning with more energy to start your day?

Imagine a life without pain?

A full night’s sleep?

Greater levels of focus and positivity?

With our 4 week Yoga Fundamentals course, you’ll gain all of these things to achieve a healthier, happier you who can live life to the fullest.

What does Yoga Fundamentals include?

Over 4 classes, we’ll help you adopt the correct postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness and philosophies. Yoga Fundamentals is the perfect start to progress onto our more experienced yoga classes.

It includes:

  • Five personalised lessons with individual attention to help you grasp the basics of yoga.
  • Connect to the movement of your body and your breathing.
  • Mindfulness techniques for insight and mind-body connection. Improve your focus, memory and ability to solve problems.
  • Deep recovery, repair meditation to restore and revitalise your body at cellular level leaving you feeling relaxed and energised.
  • Build a daily practice so you can embrace yoga in your life for continued happiness and wellbeing.
  • Receiving weekly workout plans to practice daily and help you awaken and recharge your physical energy
  • PLUS
  • BONUS #1 - Invitation to Exhale Yoga's Mindfulness workshop to learn techniques that will help you find calmness when pain overwhelms you

  • Pain reduction techniques, to help you rise above your pain in any given moment to reduce tension and recharge your body and mind
  • BONUS #2 - Home Study Program. Each week you will receive a home practice, during the course, to build on your technique. These are delivered directly to your inbox ; Video instruction on how to practice the exercises. A minimum of just 5 minutes per day spent on our targeted exercises specifically designed to stretch and release tightness. Some days that is all that you need. Just a small commitment for a wonderful sensation.
  • BONUS #3 - 28 Day meal plan. A holistic approach to re-fuel your body,a dn to ensure you have a healthy balance on the inside to increase your pain reduction
  • BONUS #4 - You will receive a Recovery, Repair Mindfulness CD to listen to daily to help you release tightness and tension
  • When does Yoga Fundamentals begin?

    Tuesday 5th March then every Tuesday for 4 weeks from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. All Yoga mats and props provided.

    What does Yoga Fundamentals cost?

    For a limited time only, you can secure all 4 classes and the EXHALE BONUSES for just $99. That’s less than $20 per lesson with an experienced, qualified yoga practitioner.

    Exercise with friends and get better results

    When we exercise with friends we often feel more committed, achieving better results for the long-term. Tell your friends about this amazing deal and give them the opportunity to shape a year of health and happiness with you.

    We are so confident that you will absolutely love and benefit from the Exhale Fundamentals program and it will be just the start of a real life change so this is our promise to you

    If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the Exhale Fundamentals Program we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    If after 2 concurrent weeks attending Exhale Fundamentals you feel that it's not for you simply contact Rosie at rosie@exhaleyoga.com.au with a brief explanation as to why you are not wanting to continue and will initiate a full refund no questions asked and we depart as friends. We simply can't have it another way.

    Best of all you have been able to experience Exhale Yoga and you get to keep the 4 bonuses just for saying maybe to the fundamentals program.

    Sound great?

    If so we look forward to seeing you at Exhale.

    Exhale Testimonials

    What others are saying about Exhale Yoga’s Fundamentals program:

    "Nice and gentle - great to kick start my love of yoga again. THANK YOU :-)!"

    "I loved the variety and liked the opportunity being assisted with alignment."

    "Many different poses covered and well explained. They went through how to do it more easily and how to push you."

    "Rosie is very helpful, made us feel very welcome and relaxed."

    “I really enjoyed the course. It was a great 4 week course."

    "This was excellent! The instructions and explanations - I understand so much more. Thank you for your time, help and expertise."