Managing Shoulder pain


Stretching our shoulders

Stretching has the effect of loosening tightness from our body.  When our shoulders are gently stretched the fibres that make up the shoulder muscle elongate and relax. This allows the shoulder joints to move more freely.

The muscle structure in our body is complex.  The structures in our body that respond to stretching are muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, the sheath around the nerves, skin and fascia.  All these tissues are involved with the muscles. 

Another way to remove tightness from our body is through meditation and mindfulness.  If you have not learnt the secrets of mindfulness, then come along to Exhale Yoga on Thursday evening class or look out for the Mindfulness workshops at Exhale Yoga.

If you need more assistance please see your Exhale Yoga teacher to give you more support.

Enjoy the video, and more importantly enjoy the practice to restore and refresh your body.  

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