Removing Neck pain


Stretching our neck

What we do know is that persisting pain interferes with our daily life.  In some cases, pain can be quite sever and debilitating.  No one likes being in pain and what I would like to share in these videos is ways to keep our body healthy and flexible.  We can all benefit from these stretches by supporting and “fine-tuning" our muscles. If we consistently do these postures we and can reduce and remove pain from our body. 

Another way to remove tightness from our body is through meditation and mindfulness.  If you have not learnt the secrets of mindfulness, then come along to Exhale Yoga on Thursday evening class or look out for the Mindfulness workshops at Exhale Yoga.

If you have had pain for more than six months to a year and no treatment seems to be helping you, we would strongly recommend that you see a qualified medical practitioner. 

Enjoy the video, and more importantly enjoy the practice to restore and refresh your body.  

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