For the Truly Amazing Rosemary Taylor!


Dear rosemary

Thank you for your interest in Exhale Yoga and requesting a private one-on-one.  It is a wonderful pleasure getting to know you. You are such a strong and incredibly inspiring women. I love your tenacity to keep your health goals at the forefront of your mind.

Rosemary, you made a decision many years ago to do yoga and I can see how you have enjoyed the benefits of yoga. You have strength not only in your physical body also mentally. May you continue to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Here is the private video for only your eyes. Please enjoy the practice and take some time out to relax too.

Your affirmation for your practice

I wonder how much I can stretch today - Exhale

Hand to mind - “I bring thoughts that support me through my yoga class”

Hand to mouth - “I speak only words of kindness and encouragement throughout the practice”

Hands to heart - “I am grateful for this learning”Enjoy and with love

The steps for the Sun Salutation

Tadasana -inhale to

Uttanasana - exhale to

Half rise - inhale to

Bend knees to Fierce pose - exhale to

Step right leg back to lunge - inhale to

Straight leg plank - exhale to bent knee plank

Bring body to floor and move into sphinx pose - inhale to

Seal pose - exhale to

Body to floor then place hands to chest - inhale to

Lift to upward dog and exhale to

Child pose - inhale to

All four position - exhale to

Downward dog - inhale to

All four position - exhale to

Bringing your left leg forward to lunge - inhale to

Uttanasana - exhale to

tadasana Inhale and Exhale

Then repeat on left side :-)

PS I look forward to seeing you @ Exhale Yoga.