Sit and Stretch your feet and ankles in your Office Chair


simple techniques for your feet and ankles in your office chair

You most probably heard it several times now that sitting is the new 21st century disease.  It is a problem and it's finally drawing attention.  Studies show that sitting in one position for hours can cause major health issues.

Here I show you how to us stretch you feet and ankles while sitting in your office chair.

With regular practice of these practices you will regain a sense of well-being in just a few minutes a day.  Your practice will also regulate and stabilise the flow of energy throughout your body which in turn brings about harmony in your physical body. 

Don't let sitting be your desk sentence.  It's a great way to prepare for a meeting or interview, or just manage the stress of office life!

Please share the email and entice your office mates to create a well-ness culture. 

Enjoy and share you feedback...