Welcome to Exhale Yoga


Welcome to Exhale yoga

Let's show you around the studio so you get a feel of the size and space @ Exhale Yoga.

You will notice the peacefulness once the door is closed.  Many students have said it is a sanctuary away from home.

People practice yoga for many reasons.  Much of our physical and mental stress is caused by our social and psychological landscape. Tension can show up in our body and mind, and it is Yoga that can break these patterns and provide you with space and freedom in the body. Pure bliss!

At Exhale Yoga we have a dedicated team of experienced teachers, who are passionate about enabling you to achieve your wellness and health goal.  

Regardless if you are new to yoga or experienced yogi, Exhale Yoga will cater for you by offering modifications for the beginner to advance.  What this means is that attending any class you will build a strong, flexible body through intelligent sequencing and mindful movement.

We have a beautiful community at Exhale Yoga and please feel free to bring your friends, family and office mates to try out a class.

I look forward to meeting you @ Exhale Yoga.