What to expect from your First Exhale Yoga class?


Welcome to Exhale yoga

Thank you for your interest in Exhale Yoga.  

At Exhale Yoga we have a dedicated team of experienced teachers, who are passionate about enabling you to achieve your wellness and health goal.  

Regardless if you are new to yoga or experienced yogi, Exhale Yoga will cater for you by offering modifications for the beginner to advance.  What this means is that attending any class you will build a strong, flexible body through intelligent sequencing and mindful movement.

Come 10 to 15 minutes before the class begins and discuss with the Exhale Yoga teacher why you have come to yoga.  We would love to assist you in supporting you to achieve your goal.

You will love the support and feeling energised after the class.

Come relax, stretch and enjoy.

I look forward to meeting you @ Exhale Yoga.