Stretch out of your winter stiffness

Isn’t it exciting to see the blossoms popping and smell the sweet fragrance of spring in the air?

Like most people, you’ve probably been huddled over heaters or shrugged deep inside your warm jacket for the last few months.

That keeps out the cold, but it also limits your movements. Your body tenses into huddled-up shapes against the cold, and eventually locks up.

Right now, you may be feeling a bit sluggish and stiff.

Your neck, shoulders and back muscles might be especially tight because of your slouched winter posture.

But the sun is out and it’s time to shed that uncomfortable stiffness.

I’ve created a series of videos to free you from your winter cocoon.

Each one has simple and pleasurable stretches you can do at home or even at work.

In today’s video I’ll show you how to relieve neck tension and stiffness.

A stiff neck can cause headaches and tension through your shoulders and down into your back. It affects the way you move your whole body and can make sleeping quite uncomfortable.

A few simple stretches will get the freedom of movement back into your body.