Introducing Rachel, to the Exhale Yoga team


Rachel joins the exhale Yoga team with friday snooze

Don't start your weekend tired and exhausted.  Come to FRIDAY SNOOZE.  Rachel will re-energise, re-charge & re-vitalise you.

Rachel is passionate about slowing the practice down to enable stress relief, mindfulness and meditation.  Rachel is trained in Vinyasa Yoga but you will notice her teaching style is inherently creative and her love of yoga philosophy is apparent as she weaves 'little life lessons' throughout the physical practice.  

Rachel offers regular modifications and optional hands-on assisting, resulting in a practice that is truly accessible and life enhancing for everyone. 

The FRIDAY SNOOZE is a great way to prepare for your weekend and reduce stress!

Please share the email and entice your friends, family and office mates to spoil themselves with the FRIDAY SNOOZE @ 6.00pm @ Exhale Yoga Studio. 

See you on Friday @ Exhale Yoga, because that is where I will be!