What the participants are valuing and saying about Exhale Yoga

InnerSpace Workshops

"Rosie's style is engaging, honest with a super sense of humour - Also honest about how she has benefited from the practice and identified some short comings."

"Lots of simple options to experience and take away"

"Really appreciated the learning and being made aware without the huge cost."

"The calmness and peace. Rosie is a beautiful person, which flows through the room."

"Helped me let go of a lot of internal stresses."


"The simplicity of approach and how effective it can be"

"Useful techniques to use on a daily basis."

"The feeling of clarity and calm I felt during and after the workshop.  Thank you"

"Reminder of benefits, usefulness of mindfulness, some new tools to use.  I loved PRO and walking mindfulness."

"The connection of mind, body and heart.  It has helped me to connect to my heart and find more direction in my life."

"A greater sense of peace, body and mind awareness - Lovely workshop thank you Rosie."

"Rosie has the ability to get all the mindfulness techniques explained so well - Brilliant I loved it!"

"I have learnt that I need to stop and relax, to breath and stretch.  Stop and think about "nothing" Thank you."

Beginner's course

"The positive energy and mindfulness is brought to myself"

"Nice and gentle - great to kick start my love of yoga again. THANK YOU :-)!

"Rosie and Kelly are very helpful, made us feel very welcome and relaxed."

"It was safe, I learnt a lot and want to continue."

"I loved the variety and liked the opportunity being assisted with alignment."

"This was excellent! The instructions and explanations - I understand so much more. Thank you for your time, help and expertise."

"Many different poses covered and well explained. They went through how to do it more easily and how to push yourself."

" I really enjoyed the course.  It was a great 5 week course."

"The support as you go with no judgement."

"I really loved it! Thank you for being taught correct form for poses, very clear and presis language."

"An excellent range of postures covered."

"A great intro to Yoga - good pace of classes."

"Relaxed atmosphere to practise - Thank you for this opportunity."

"Thank you for offering this course, not many places do and I think its so valuable."

"It's time for self. Thank you so much - not sure why I didn't do this years ago!"